Newborn babies can be tested and any time after that. There are many ways to test for hearing loss at different ages. Don't put off testing!

The next step will probably be to meet with an audiologist and have additional testing if needed. Your baby will need to be seen by a physician for medical clearance to proceed with getting hearing aids.

YES! Deaf children are learning to listen and talk. Current technology can allow children who are deaf or hard of hearing to speak through listening and spoken language early intervention.

Get started as soon as possible with best hearing technology through an audiologist who supports listening and an Auditory Verbal therapist who specializes in teaching you and your your baby learning to listen and speak in a natural way.

Audiologists test your child's hearing and ear functions in a variety different ways. They will also fit hearing aids and take earmold impressions so the hearing aids can attach to your babies ear.

Listening and Spoken Language specialists (LSLS) are certified by the Academy of listening and spoken language. Certified professionals are found in the directory at their website.

You can be talking and singing and interacting with your baby. When you hold your baby on your shoulder your voice is reaching the ear and your baby might be hearing.

As soon as possible. Babies hear in utero and continue to develop hearing skills from the moment they are born. Many early skills require limited hearing to develop and some babbling skills will develop even if your child has a significant hearing loss.

There are many foundation skills that babies learn before they say their first words. Just as there are many skills that need to be learned before your baby takes their first steps.

Most children with hearing loss or deafness still have some usable hearing. We refer to this as residual hearing. Hearing aids and other hearing technologies are selected and fit depending on the degree of residual hearing.

Be certain to get optimal hearing technology and find a LSLS certified auditory verbal therapist for early listening and spoken therapy, guidance and coaching so your baby can benefit from the current technology advances.

Doubtless you are searching the web. Find other parents to speak to, a team of professionals, adults who are deaf and hard of hearing.